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Hanking carpet Singapore

Contact: Miss Hazel

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Address: 2 venture drive, vision exchange S608526

About us :

Hanking Carpet Singapore is a professional company that specialises in sales, installation, maintenance of carpets and rubber flooring.

We are established in Dongguan,China and Singapore.

Our carpet and plastic flooring products are widely used in office buildings, schools, hotels, hospitals, companies, shopping malls and exhibitions.

Hanking Carpet is the ideal choice for your office and other venues to create atmosphere and taste. We provide one of the lowest prices in Singapore for commercial carpet tiles and flooring.

Since our establishment in 2008, we have only a long-term focus on the single area of carpet and rubber flooring. We provide intensive and professional streamlined service, from high-quality carpet products, to standardized installation process, after sales maintenance and cleaning services.

You only need a phone call, we will provide quotation based on measurements of your carpet area. We recommended products, pricing, installation, maintenance, cleaning complete service chain at the cheapest price in this industry.

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Hanking Carpet is the premier commercial flooring in Singapore and Dongguan, China.

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Tel/Whatsapp: 65-83946288

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